What is The Charmac?

We were fortunate to start with a base of a plain-bodied merino developed by the Naude' family under natural grazing conditions in the South African Karroo with a 250-300mm rainfall per annum (see our history on website charmac.co.za).

From this base the Charmac has been developed for four sheep generations with selection for ewe productivity, high quality wool and now nearly maturity.

The Charmacs are performing very well in South Africa in extensive and intensive systems. This type has spread into 99% of the Merino studs in South Africa and has been used by the Dohne breeders to improve their wool quality without in any way reducing reproduction and mutton characteristics.

The emphasis is now on selection for early maturity; the grower wants to market his lambs from 6 to 8 months having shorn a high quality hoggets fleece of +- 17 micron, or sell to the feedlots who will buy in the lambs at or shortly after weaning with a body weight of 25 - 30 kg at three to four months of age. There are also whether graziers who will compete with the feedlots for these lambs - they would take two eight month clips and then market at two-tooth of age. The Charmac has high quality mutton with very good fat distribution and marbling, fine grain, resulting in the most tasty and succulent lamb in South Africa and is highly sought after by the meat trade.

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