Charmac Poll Merino Stud - Our Story In More Detail

Leon Martin with the support of his family has taken on a unique opportunity to breed Merino Sheep with a naturally clean breach in an effort to help Australia be proactive in meeting the challenge of improving the image of wool.  Every effort, no matter how big or small, will be instrumental in meeting this challenge that has been set by the northern hemisphere Fashion Industry and influential Animal Welfare Organisations.

In meeting this challenge, the Wyanga Flock No.4842 was purchased in June 2010 from the Dutton Family or Uralla, New South Wales.  The Duttons developed the Wyanga Flock by breeding and selecting fine wool sheep since 1996 and, in 2007 took the entrepreneurial step of introducing Charmac Merino genetics, a naturally clean breach animal, by way of embryos purchased from South Africa.

Since it's purchase by the Martin Family the flock has been renamed the Charmac Poll Merino Stud; Flock No.4842.

Charmac Poll Merino Stud proudly breeds Merino sheep with a naturally clean breach, fine to medium micron, white, bright and soft wool, quality carcasses, high fertility and an increasing selection of which are polled.

With this background, the Martin Family proudly introduce to the Australian marketplace the Charmac Merino genetics.

The stud currently offers stud/commercial rams for sale.

All sheep are selected for structural correctness, natural temperament, wool production and natural muscling off grass.

The stud has a within flock genetic breeding program specifically designed to breed on from outstanding ewe families.

The stud has a within flock genetic selection program based on the services of the "Natural Ecosystems Group".

The service utilises

  1. 'NEG' Carcase Assessment - Live scanning and indexing technology to identify the 'meat yield and quality' and 'variable fat content' of sheep and provide a 'Carcass merit Index' enabling the identification of 'Elite' and 'Super Elite' sheep.
  2. 'LaserWool' Wool Assessment - Wool testing for micron, spinning qualities and style.