Charmac "Perry" 9005


Sired by Charmac 7226 and out of Charmac stud ewe 7217, Perry is a spring 2009 drop ram and is rated "super elite" on the NEG carcass merit index.

Perry has white and stylish wool, and had a greasy fleece weight of 3.3kg as a hogget ram. He tested in spring 2011 at 19.3 micron, had an SD of 3.1, CVD of 15.9, spin fine of 18.1, and a curvature of 75.59.

Weighing 80kg in December 2010, Perry had a rib and rump fat of 6.0mm, IMF of 3.0 per cent, EMA of 22.73sqcm and an NEG carcass merit index of 45.6.

Semen is available.