Charmac "Valentino" 7208


Sired by Charmac 05.0375 and out of Charmac stud ewe 01.0567, Valentino is a spring 2007 drop ram and is rated "super elite" on the NEG carcass merit index.

Valentino has long stapled, white and bright wool, with a greasy fleece weight of 5.9kg. He tested in spring 2011 at 23.6 micron and had an SD of 3.6, CVD 15.1, spin fineness 22 and curvature 69.9.

Weighing 105kg in December 2010, Valentino scanned at 5.0mm of rib fat, 7.5mm rump fat, IMF of 3.0 per cent, EMA 25.83sqcm and had a NEG carcass merit index of 54.7.

Valentino has a scrotal circumference of 38cm and semen is available.