2013 Australian wool fashion awards

The 2013 'Australian Wool Fashion awards' were held on March 16th at 'Saumarez Homestead', Armidale, NSW, Australia....

What does the future hold?

The Charmac Merino Stud Launch on 12.10.10 was the first step in introducing the Charmac Merino...

How will it be used?

The main criteria for the Charmac Market Plan involves seeking expressions of interest from...

What is The Charmac?

We were fortunate to start with a base of a plain-bodied merino developed by the...

Exhibiting at 2013 Henty Machinery Field Days

17th-19th September 2013

Exhibiting at 2013 Henty Machinery Field Days – Site O577

Charmac Merinos endured very wet weather and site conditions at this years exhibition. A selection of horned and polled Flock Sires were on exhibit and attracted good attention and feedback from visitors. It was great to meet up with folk again, of which we had met previously.

Rams depicted, on display, included -

  • Charmac McQueen (Horned) 1152
  • Charmac Dior (Polled) 9071
  • Charmac Vuitton (Horned) 1001
  • Charmac Givenchy (Horned) 1119

Our ‘Kate’ Dress, made from our Wool Charne’ material, was on display and attracted valuable interest from people of varied backgrounds, but in particular from the Fashion Industry.

A ‘Wedding Dress’ made from our Wool Charne’ material by Fashion Designer Lindsay Whitehead of Corryong VIC was entered in the ‘Natural Fibres’ Award. The dress was entry No.1 and so lead the Fashion Parade onto the cat walk. The dress attracted good interest for Lindsay and, at the time was featured on Prime News promoting the 2013 Henty Machinery Field Days.