What does the future hold?

The Charmac Merino Stud Launch on 12.10.10 was the first step in introducing the Charmac Merino to the Australian Media, Industry and Public.

The introduction of the Charmac genetics into the Australian marketplace is believed to be a very important step for the Australian Wool Industry in assisting in the development of a new international image for Australian wool.

The Launch us hoped to provide inspiration for both Australian Industry and producers to seek to collaborate and make changes to improve the image and therefore consumption of wool internationally and locally. And, the Charmac Merino can serve a significant role in this change.

Looking forward, with animal welfare issues being accounted in the production of wool, it is believed the Consumer can finally look forward to experiencing the third dimension of 'feel good' experiences from wearing wool, this being not only will wool feel good to wear, but the Consumer will know the original of the wool meets their social needs.