2013 Australian wool fashion awards

The 2013 'Australian Wool Fashion awards' were held on March 16th at 'Saumarez Homestead', Armidale, NSW, Australia....

What does the future hold?

The Charmac Merino Stud Launch on 12.10.10 was the first step in introducing the Charmac Merino...

How will it be used?

The main criteria for the Charmac Market Plan involves seeking expressions of interest from...

What is The Charmac?

We were fortunate to start with a base of a plain-bodied merino developed by the...

Wool Charne'

An Albury couple is tapping into the world fashion industry and at the same time overcome negative global attitudes to a controversial Australian farming practice.

Leon Martin has had developed a lightweight fabric made from sheep that are not subject to mulesing.


‘Wool Charne’ Fabric Now Available

Our pure Australian wool fabric is now available commercially. We have taken delivery of our second batch of fabric from Macquarie Textiles, Albury NSW.

This is most exciting as for the first time we have fabric available for sale.

The fabric is again in one color - antique white.

The fabric is available for purchase from -

Charmac Poll Merino Stud, Albury office - Leon Martin   Mobile: +61 428 577 138   Email: leonmartin@charmacmerinos.com

Charmac Poll Merino Stud - 
Our Story In Brief

Leon Martin with the support of his family has taken on a unique opportunity to breed Merino Sheep with a naturally clean breach in an effort to help Australia be proactive in meeting the challenge of improving the image of wool. Every effort, no matter how big or small, will be instrumental in meeting this challenge that has been set by the northern hemisphere Fashion Industry and influential Animal Welfare Organisations.

In meeting this challenge, the Wyanga Flock No.4842 was purchased in June 2010 from the Dutton Family or Uralla, New South Wales.


Information Flyers

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