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Julie Harris, Uralla NSW

Dressmaker & Proprietor of 'Luv2WearWool'

Hi Leon,

Sounds like the fabric is doing great things for you. Here is a little testimonial that you may like to use. The fabric from Wool Charne' was lovely to work with. It had a lovely soft smooth feel and draped beautifully. I did note that creases fell out very easily, making garments easy care. I enjoyed making the fabric into a race wear dress.

Lindsay Whitehead, Melbourne VIC

Wool wedding gown
Wedding gown made
from wool

“I am a designer and maker of clothing and hats with a background in theatre costumes. I love to work with natural fibres as they usually have fantastic properties that just aren't achievable with their synthetic cousins. Added to this I grew up on a farm and so I like to support the farmers who are so integral to the life we have in Australia, a fact that is increasingly being taken for granted.

When I saw this fabric in the lead up to Henty Field days in 2012 I was very interested. When I met Leon and actually got my hands on it I was in love. The handle of the fabric was so beautiful. Soft, supple, smooth in both texture and colour it is a joy just to hold against your skin. After talking with Leon and Sandra about their ambition with the fabric I agreed to make a wedding gown for the Henty Natural Fire Fashion Awards. What I can say now that it's done is the pleasure was all mine. Sewing this fabric is a dream with a definite plus being the malleability of the seams when pressing the garment. You can easily achieve both prefect darts and crisp edges with the one fabric.

I certainly have had some weird looks when I have told people about making a wedding gown out of wool but the look soon changes when I can show them the fabric and the finished garment. Photographed, the garment has been (understandably) mistaken for a silk satin because of its luster. I have no doubt wool Charne will be can and should have a place in the modern bridal and fashion market. Added to this, being able to use a locally developed fabric and investing back into the Australian wool industry is a pleasure.”


Rick Martin, Benalla VIC

"The lambs by the Charmac rams were cleaner than their Australian merino mothers, and proved to be less work for us to manage".

Paul Creek, Rand NSW

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