Leon Martin's experiences

During recent travel experiences into the northern hemisphere with my wife and Image Consultant Mrs Sandra Martin, whilst on professional Shopping Trips, I was engaged by the attitudes of the folk in the Fashion Industry.  Notably animal welfares such as mulesing of sheep was highly publicised and well known to folk and, clearly there was no tolerance for this practice in todays fashion world.

Since 1998, my Consulting firm 'Natural Ecosystems Group(NEG)' has offered Livestock Assessment Services involving sheep and other livestock and, as a results of this work, l have formulated the opinion we have a significant 'lack of uniformity' with commodities produced in our livestock industries.  As a consequence, in the Fashion World, the industry has chosen over time to adopt other fibres, leaving wool.  Through these experiences, I foresee there is the need to address this fundamental issue across all commodities and, wool is no exception.